Pharmaceutic Industry Projects

Idroinox Impianti designs and manufactures stainless steel plants and process machines for the pharmaceutical industry since 1984.

We carry out all our activities according to the procedures of the ISO 9001 Quality Manual, with special regard to:

  • design
  • purchase and tracking of the materials
  • building and welding
  • testing

From the beginning of its activities, Idroinox Impianti stood out in the International context for the quality of the processing and products supplied by us.

For the main activity of welding, Idroinox has always used:

  • The best ASME BPE materials
  • The best equipment – orbital welders
  • The best processing, which is inland qualified and developed, in order to guarantee a production with high, constant and repeatable quality welding joint.

Thanks to its own know how and its acquisition of important orders from multinational groups and leading companies in the field, Idroinox Impianti can develop a wide range of products, including:

Preparation and Storage Rooms for:

  • Solutions for Injection
  • WFI
  • PW

Pure Steam Generators

Shell and Tube Exchanger
Preparation Skids – Fermenters – C.I.P. and S.I.P. systems:

  • Pre-assembled Skid
  • Single-station or multiple-station CIP
  • Cold or hot SIP

Reverse Osmosis – Ultrafiltration:

  • Single-stage and Two-stage
  • With E.D.I.
  • With Carbon Dioxide Scrubber
  • With and without pre-treatment

Ozone Generators:

  • Corona discharge generators fed by compressed air
  • Generators fed by oxygen
  • Plant cold sterilisation

Preparation and storage tanks